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  • JRC Class-A VHF Radiotelephone JHS770S

JRC Class-A VHF Radiotelephone JHS770S

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Quick Overview: Available as semi-duplex or full-duplex, this class A VHF radiotelephone incorporates advanced modular design that allows for maximum installation flexibility.


Description A first class VHF with an advanced modular design that allows for maximum istallation flexibility. When connecting your AIS to the new VHF, new possibilities become available. This innovative feature, unique to JRC, allows you with one push of the button, to quickly navigate through a list of targets in your surrounding area. Bearing, range and MMSI information of target vessels are sorted from the shortest range upwards. You can now easily select the vessel you wish to get in contact with, and send a DSC message immediately. The VHF radiotelephone has intercom functionality for easy communication with multiple other VHF controllers onboard! Additionally, to always be in full control and on top of communication with deck or dock hands, a loudhailer function is built in. An optional external speaker with amplifier increases talk power, making your messaging loud and clear, thereby adding to the safety of the vessel.

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Part Number JHS770S
Features Available as semi-duplex or full-duplex, this class A VHF radiotelephone incorporates advanced modular design that allows for maximum installation flexibility. *Clear Display *Direct Call By AIS. *Intercom and Loudhailer. *Extendable up to 5 Controllers *120 Seconds Digital Recording *Wing Controller
Specs Model JHS-770S JHS-780D GMDSS compliance General Communication mode simplex/semi-duplex simplex/duplex Frequency range 155.00 - 163.50MHz TX 155.00 - 163.50MHz (simplex/semi-duplex), 156.00 - 157.45MHz (duplex) RX 155.00 - 163.50MHz (simplex/semi-duplex), 160.60 - 162.05MHz (duplex) Output power 25W/1W Modulation type radiotelephone G3E/F3E, DSC/ATIS G2B/F2B Channel spacing 25kHz Frequency accuracy within ±10x10-6 Antenna impedance 50Ω unbalanced DSC CH70 receiver built in DSC CH70 frequency 156.525MHz DSC received message LOG 20 distress messages 20(TX)+20(RX) non-distress messages Channel capacity ITU/USA/Canada 57 channels max Inland Waterway 57 channels max Private 200 channels max (channel steps: 25kHz, 12.5kHz, 10kHz) Weather 10 channels max Memory 10 channels max Inputs IEC-61162-1 GPS IEC-61162-2 AIS Outputs IEC-61162-1 VDR/S-VDR Audio 600Ω 0dBm balanced (to VDR/S-VDR), unbalanced (to ext. loudspeaker) RS232C for external printer NKG-91 and DPU-414 Environmental conditions Power voltage DC 24V +30% -10% Current consumption DC 24V input, 8.3A max Ambient condition temperature: -15°C +55°C (range for full performance 0°C +40°C) Optional items Power supply unit NBD-865 (for AC operation) Remote VHF controller NCM-1770(with handset, cradle and cable) VHF channel selector NCM-2000 Controller connection box NQD-2770 Flush mounting kit MPBC42957(for NCM-1770) Controller bracket MPBX44354 Handset NQW-261 (with cradle) Handset connection box NQE-1847 Handset connection box (waterproof) NQE-1845(flush mount) / NQE-1846(wall mount) Printer (table mount) DPU-414 Printer (flush mount) NKG-91 External speaker (wall mount) NVS-423 External speaker (flush mount) NVS-423A Extension board CQD-7701 (required for multiple controllers)
Brand JRC
Package Includes 1. Display2
2. Handset wit cradle
3. Transceiver
4. Cable Display to transceiver 5 m Cable
5. Manual

*2 excluding bracket