Large Craft (Over 50 feet)

  1. Sea Tel 9711-64 40W/8W

    Sea Tel 9711-64 40W/8W

    Regular Price: $159,995.00

    Special Price $110,397.00

    Sea Tel 9711QOR VSAT, with Quadrature Oriented Reflectors (QOR), is a leading-edge VSAT solution for truly global operations. With high quality 1.2m Ku-band and 2.4m C-band antennas on the same pedestal it facilitates full flexibility of operations by ensuring your ability to communicate, anywhere in the world Learn More
  2. Sea Tel 14600B-70, C- CIR, 40W

    Sea Tel 14600B-70, C- CIR, 40W

    Regular Price: $246,000.00

    Special Price $169,740.00

    The Sea Tel Model 14600 is the top of the line VSAT system for vessels with enough space to mount the radome. The 14600 is designed and built to pass the U.S. Navy’s tests for vibration, shock and protection against RFI and EMI emissions.And when it comes to vibration, this antenna actually exceeds Navy MIL-STD-167-1 standards. Learn More