Furuno CH250/60/340  Searchlight Sonar

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  • Furuno CH250/60/340  Searchlight Sonar

Furuno CH250/60/340 Searchlight Sonar

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Quick Overview: Display Size: 10.4"
Display Type: Color LCD
Range: 5000'
Power Output: 1.2 kW
Frequency: 60 to 150 kHz (depends on model)
Power Use: 12 - 32 VDC (depends on model)


The Furuno CH250 is the sport fisherman's dream machine, designed for boats 40 feet and up. This high-performance searchlight sonar displays fish and underwater objects on a sunlight viewable 10.4" color LCD TFT display. It has the ability to rapidly scan a full 360 degrees around the boat or just specified sectors. There are eight operational modes to choose from. The full circle/vertical slice mode finds fish targets and bottom structure all around the vessel, with a vertical slice display at the same time. The vertical slice mode gives you a fore and aft, surface to surface, expanded view of fish school distribution on the selected bearing. You can set it for a depth sounder mode, which has a tilt and train capability for forward or side looking. It is even stabilized against the boats motion. 60 to 150 kHz Searchlight Sonar System with 10.4 Inch Color LCD Display. Includes 250mm to 400mm Travel Hoist.

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Part Number CH250/60/340
Features Standard Features Waterproof, 10.4" Color TFT LCD, landscape orientation 8 or 16 color targets including white, selectable day or night background color 1200 Watt (RMS) transmitter power output, 150 kHz Standard with MS100 motion sensor (clinometer) for 360 degree stabilization of sonar image Automatic soundome retraction at preset ships speed between 5 to 15 knots, speed data required 6.5 degree (H) x 6.5 degree (V) transducer beam angle, 1 degree tilt angle steps, +90 degrees max Transducer tilt angle may be set in 1 degree steps from + 5 to - 90 degrees 3 Custom Mode Keys to select unique search features such as "Forward S/L Fan Scan" Audio Target Detection, continuous visual watch not necessary, optional speaker required Omnipad Driven Cursor, range, bearing and depth data plus tilt, slant range and 5 event marks 8 Display Operating Modes Horizontal S/L Scan, 0 to 360 in 6 degree steps, 15 ranges to a maximum of 5000 feet Normal ( 6 degree) or Fast Scan ( 12 degree ) steps within a selected horizontal sector Split Screen, Zoomed Horizontal S/L Scan display with Nav data Vertical S/L Fan Scan, 0 to 180 in 12 degree steps, 15 ranges to a maximum of 2000 feet Normal ( 3 degree) or High Speed ( 6 degree) scan steps within selected vertical sector Split Screen Echo Sounder, 15 ranges, maximum 2000 feet, with Nav Data or A- Scope display Split Screen, Horizontal and Vertical S/L Scan Display Split Screen, combination Horizontal S/L Scan with Plotter Overlay and Track Display Own ship speed and heading vector, duration set from 10 seconds to 6 minutes Split Screen, combination Horizontal S/L Scan and Strata Display Reverse train Target Lock, used in both Horizontal and Vertical S/L Fan Scan Target Lock on a preset L/L position Auto Tilt Tracking, TLL output, L/L data input req. Power Requirements CH253 Transceiver, 12-32 VDC, 60 Watts CH2551 Hoist Unit, as noted above, 200 Watts Notes 190mm ID hull tube is required but not supplied with the standard system CH256 handheld remote control with 5 meter cable is optional 400mmTravel Hoist Unit Available Upon Request
Brand Furuno
Package Includes 000-142-902 Cable Assembly, Processor to Display or IF8000, 5 Meters $395.00
CH250DISP 10.4 Inch Color TFT LCD Display with CH252 Control Unit $3,025.00
CH250INST2 Soundome Cover, Sonar Oil and Flange with Installation Materials $1,475.00
MS100 Motion Sensor with 10 Meter Cable Assembly $975.00
CH253 Transceiver $2,575.00
CH2542/150/5.2 150kHz Soundome Assembly with 5.2 Meter Cable Assembly $4,360.00
CH2551/150/225 150kHz Hoist Unit, 250mm Travel, 12VDC $3,375.00
BLSHAFT7 7 Foot Stainless Steel Soundome Shaft. (2.2 Meters) $375.00
000-142-907 Cable Assembly, Transceiver to Hoist, 15 Meters