Iridium SBD Rates

Iridium SDB (Short Burst Data) Rates

1 Month Contract Term
For SBD, 1 KB = 1,000 Bytes, 1 MB = 1,000 KB and 1 GB = 1,000 MB
Devices may be suspended for up to 24 months for $3/month.
For large fleet or anticipated monthly usage of more than 1 MB please contact us for customized plan. 1.305.633.9636


SBD Mailbox Check

Mailbox check is charged when the device sends a 0 byte message to check if there is a message queued at the gateway. These messages are free as long as there is a message queued at the gateway. If the gateway does not have a message queued, there is a $0.05 charge for each check.


SBD Registration

Each device can register on the network once a month. Additional registration events are charged at $0.05 each.

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