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NCR-333 NAVTEX integrates a high visibility 5.7"LCD display, shares the same simple configuration as its predecessor and contributes to improved safety at sea
High visibility paperless LCD NAVTEX receiver for safer navigation. The NCR-333 receives NAVTEX broadcasts on the frequency channel 518 kHz, and either 490 kHz or 4209.5 kHz. The NAVTEX automatically receives broadcasts on the international standard frequency 518 kHz. Local transmissions of NAVTEX use the 490 kHz channel. The high frequency channel 4209.5 kHz is allocated for NAVTEX broadcasts. The NCR-333 also allows you to select and deselect certain types of information and coastal stations with the purpose of avoiding repeat broadcasts.
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Part Number NCR333A
Features ♦ Full meet latest IMO ♦ 3 receiving frequencies ♦ Printerless type ♦ Easy Installation ♦ Easy operation ♦ External Printer (Option) ♦ Navtex data export function for INS
Specs Receiving frequency 490kHz, 518kHz, 4209.5kHz Receiving mode F1B NAVTEX broadcast Sensitivity CER better than 1x10-2 at 1uV input to 50Ω antenna Frequency stability +/-15Hz Display 5.7-inch Black & White LCD Received message storage function Each Channels : 200 messages Storage length : 70hours Interface for external units Serial Interface : 2ports (For Printer and INS) Power supply 12V - 24V DC
Brand JRC
Package Includes NCR-333-A Navtex Receiver.
Active Antenna.
Operation Manual.
Standard Accesories.