Shakespeare 5202 VHF Antenna

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VHF Marine Band antenna Style 5202 8 ft. (2.43 M) 6dB
VHF Antenna Style 5202 8ft VHF, 6dB, professional quality with chrome ferrule. Collinear phased 5/8-wave A favorite of maritime professionals, this rugged antenna boasts an extra heavy-duty radome and powerful internal elements for reliable service day after day under the most demanding conditions.
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Part Number 5202
Features Brass and copper elements for maximum range and efficiency Chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1in-14 thread Includes 20ft RG-58 cable, which can be cut to size, and a PL-259 connector Suggested mount: Style 4187 or 5187 Ratchet Mount, or use a Style 410-R Mounting Kit plus a Style 4008 Extension Mast to form a 16ft antenna system (each sold separately) One section
Specs Band: VHF Marine Band Antenna Gain: 6dB Max. Input Power: 50 watts SWR: nominally 1.5:1 at 156.8 MHz Bandwidth: 3 MHz within 2.0:1 VSWR Ferrule: Chrome-plated brass Coax Supplied: 20 ft of RG-58 Connector Supplied: PL-259, not installed Color/finish: White Polarity: Vertical Impedance: 50 Ohms DC Ground: Special - DC Grounded, but reads "open" on ohm meter Shakespeare Limited Warranty: 2 years
Brand Shakespeare
Package Includes 1.-8ft VHF Antenna
1.-20ft RG-58 cable,
1.-PL-259, not installed
Cable can be cut to size, and a PL-259 connector