Koden MDC-7006-6BB 6 kW Black Box Color Radar w/ 6 ft Open Anenna

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6kW output, 1/8NM to 64NM range, 6 ft. open antenna


Koden MDC-7006-6BB 6 kW Black Box Radar w/ ATA and C-Map Overlay

Black Box Radar. Map Overlay w/optional C-MAP NT+ or NT MAX Chart. Built-in TT (ARPA) tracks up to 100 user designated targets. True Trail feature clearly identifies moving targets from stationary targets like land or buoys.  Two-speed antenna rotation (48/24 rpm) tracks fast moving, close-in targets. New signal processing technology for constant display of small targets. Has separate keyboard for multiple installation locations. . Displays up to 1000 AIS targets with built-in AIS interface. Optional remote second-station. IPX5 Waterpoof rating; programmable keys, joystick, and precison rotary knobs to control VRM, EBL, Gain, STC, FTC; 15 m antenna cable

Improvement of Function

Clear image with High-speed sampling in short range, Auto GAIN with simple operation, Improved visibility by auto STC, Simple and easy operation by remote tracball via USB.

TT(ARPA) function as standard

Built-in TT(ARPA) tracks up to 100 targets. Selectable auto acquisition or manual acquisition.

AIS Interace as Standard

Built-in AIS interface for displaying up to 1000 targets.

Map Overlay

C-Map chart (NT MAX)* can be overlaid on the radar screen to provide clear radar pictures of coastlines, buoys, and other features. C-Map NT MAX "World Wide" back ground chart is built-in as standard.

*Owner supplied. Basic chart information only. Extra features of C-Map such as photo indication are not available.

Keyboard Operation Unit

The radar has a separate operation unit, providing users with a choice of installation locations.

Black Box

MDC-7000 series Black Box radars connect to any SXGA type display (owner supplied).

More Information
Part Number MDC-7006-6BB

- Clear image with High-Speed sampling in short range

- Auto GAIN with simple operation

- Improved visibility by auto STC

- Simple and easy operation by remote trackball unit via USB

- Built-in AIS interface for up to 1000 targets

- Built-in TT (ARPA) tracks up to 100 targets

- C-Map chart (NT MAX) can be overlaid on radar screen


Basic Speciications

6 kW / 64nm / 4 or 6 ft Open


Processor Unit: 5.1 kg

Operation Unit: 1.8 kg

Dimensions (HxWxD)

Display Unit: 308 mm/ 12.13 in. x 320 mm/ 12.60 in. x 133 mm/ 5.24 in.

Operation Unit: 141 mm/ 5.55 in. x 385 mm/ 15.16 in. x 57 mm/ 2.24 in.

Power Supply 

21.6 to 41.6 VDC

Brand Koden