Nautic Alert Insight X2 - Satellite

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Model X2-200-1S requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service™, which uses the Iridium Global Satellite Network interface to send messages, notifications, or to receive messages and information requests.


Nautic Alert X2 Boat Security

Your boat is worth protecting with an advanced boat security system built on the Nautic Alert MTC-E Decision Platform. By leveraging Nautic Alert Insight X2 as an intelligent edge-computing device, all monitoring activities are being observed and analyzed aboard the vessel and communication capabilities are centralized for onboard communication or to one or many remote smartphones using text and email notifications over integrated cellular or satellite technology.

Nautic Alert introduces next-gen intrusion technology utilizing both microwave and PIR technology working together, which overcomes the harshest factors that often reduce reliability of standalone PIR motion technology. Swaying lines and haylards, open cabin doors and strong marine air conditioners, vibration, and drastic temperature changes can degrade the operation of traditional PIR sensors, whereas microwave technology enables a sensor to see objects and reject false alerts in this environment. Nautic Alert is proud to work with established commercial and outdoor specialized security sensor manufacturers such as Inovonics and Optex, to provide one of the most advanced intrusion detection the marine industry has seen.

Layer-1 Level of Defense, the Nautic Alert security strategy enables wired or wireless microwave/PIR motion detection sensors as the 1st level of defense, for the outdoor perimeter, to catch an intruder in the process of coming aboard or in attempt to take an attachment such as a dingy, while the security system is set to “Onboard” mode or “Away” mode to protect crew and passengers while sleeping or the vessel when no one is on board.

Layer-2 Level of Defense, provides wired or wireless motion detection sensors and wired contacts positioned in strategic locations within the cabin or in other compartments for indoor perimeter monitoring and detection.

Layer-3 Level of Defense, provides the Nautic Alert Geofence, which creates a virtual ring around the vessel and monitors for vessel movement outside of the virtual ring boundaries, which can be set to as little as 50ft.

With the combined layers of defense, you get an advanced boat security system with a highly effective strategy.

Additional security safety features include smoke detection and personal emergency/ man overboard (MOB).

Security Operating Modes

With Nautic Alert Insight X2, three security operation modes are available: (1) Disarmed, (2) Onboard, and (3) Away. Each alarm zone can be configured to operate in away only, onboard only, or onboard and away modes. An entry delay can be specified when using away mode; however, it’s encouraged to use a phone’s SMS interface to arm and disarm the system.  Siren modes can be customized for onboard and away mode, and includes silent, stealth mode operation, chirp, and continuous modes.

When Insight is disarmed, a test mode can be used to test the security and safety sensors, which will cause the siren to chirp when an alarm is triggered.

XPulse and XPulse Plus

The Nautic Alert Security solution requires either XPulse for “hardwired” boat security sensors and/ or XPulse Plus for “wireless” boat security and safety sensors. Both XPulse and XPulse Plus communicate with Nautic Alert Insight using a wireless interface and provide additional capabilities for multiple DC battery bank monitoring and trending and AC shore power detection, but this is further discussed in the XPulse section.

XPulse supports a total of 4 “hardwired” security sensors with 4 dedicated alarm zones for motion sensors and door and hatch contact sensors, which can be expanded to 8 “hardwired” security sensors using an additional XPulse. Each dedicated alarm zone can be configured to NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed) sensor outputs.  This provides a customer with the option to use Nautic Alert certified wired sensors or for a customer to use their own or existing “hardwired” sensors.

XPulse Plus provides the capability to interconnect wireless security sensors including smoke detectors and personal emergency/ man overboard (MOB) safety sensors. A single XPulse Plus can support up to 16 wireless security sensors with 4 dedicated alarm zones.

Nautic Alert Security Sensors

Nautic Alert Boat Security offers several types of commercial grade wired and wireless security sensors tested in the harsh marine environment to ensure false-positive alerts do not occur due to seeping wind through cracks, sudden changes in temperature, humidity, and other factors that can trigger false-positive alerts. In addition, all certified wireless sensors are fully supervised by Nautic Alert for inactivity of the sensor and a low battery condition. Too many times, a system is armed only to find out, at the wrong time, that the battery for a wireless sensor has failed causing a false alert. Nautic Alert supervises and keeps you informed before a situation becomes a problem for a dependable experience.

Nautic Alert engineered products are designed for low power consumption. As a result, the certified wireless sensors used by the Nautic Alert X2 Boat Security have been configured and tuned for seamless plug-and-play operation and to ensure the certified wireless sensor consumes the lowest amount of power. Typically, this configuration will ensure up to 4 years of battery life, but results could vary by surrounding conditions.  When using a certified wireless sensor, it must use the Nautic Alert configuration, which is done by the Nautic Alert company and sold through dealers and from the Nautic Alert “Shop” online store.

XPulse Plus is pre-configured to work with the certified wireless sensors you select before it ships out, leaving you with an extremely easy installation experience.  This includes all necessary programming and configuration of wireless sensors and zone descriptions, so things work out-of-the-box.

Bilge System Management

When a bilge high water alarms sounds, something has failed, and the yacht is now sinking.

According to BoatU.S. April 2014, “more than two-thirds of the reasons why boats sank could be considered preventable” and “69% of the boats that sank did so at the dock or while moored.”  With most bilge issues taking time to develop, you will know when the problem starts to develop with the Nautic Alert Platform and Bilge App.

From the Yacht’s Bridge, you can configure and manage up to 10 wireless Nevata bilge pump controllers and 20 pumps from a central location using a single Nautic Alert Insight™ graphical interface.

Want to know if a pump runs more than 10 minutes continuously or the water level in a bilge compartment is 2 inches or greater? Set the alert threshold and Nautic Alert Insight™ will tell you when this happens.

A Traditional bilge configuration will involve at least one float switch, where additional ones are at offset elevations.  Additionally, there could be pump cycle counters, manual override switches, and a bilge high level alarm. The Traditional setup also involves having both the pump, switch, and electrical cables located in the bilge sludge.

In the Nautic Alert solution, all external components are integrated into a single housing that sits above the waterline, in a UL Marine listed watertight enclosure. The Nautic Alert Nevata can “see” and measure the water level from above, where the water level readings are immune to any water impurities, contaminants, or sludge makeup that may be present, but let’s add a few more points.

  • Less Components & Safer Environment
  • Pump Redundancy & Trouble Detection
  • Developing Leak Detection
  • Pump Failure or Overcurrent Detection 
  • Pump Burnout Protection
  • Continuous Runtime Detection
  • Periodic Pump Testing
  • Peace of Mind

How it Works

It starts with Nautic Alert Nevata, which is an intelligent bilge pump switch and controller.  Nevata communicates information to Nautic Alert Insight.  The communication is 2-way meaning that Insight also talks to Nevata.  Either component can initiate a secured conversation.  Information analysis is done by Nautic Alert Insight to identify important information and bilge events. Information will be displayed on-board and made available for on demand text requests from an owner’s smartphone, and from the mobile web app.  Once an event has been detected and confirmed as “Positive“, Insight will declare a critical bilge event and initiate audio and visual indicators on-board and communicate the critical bilge event notification to the designated recipients in Real Time using text and email.  If the situation worsens, Insight will sound the onboard bilge high level alarm and communicate the beyond critical event to designated recipients.

In most cases, before a critical event occurs, Nautic Alert will detect trouble as it starts to develop, thus avoiding critical events through proactive notification, which can be detected even with no water in the bilge compartment.

Nautic Alert is SMART and can even auto swap from the primary bilge pump to the higher capacity backup bilge pump to determine the effects of such a change.


More Information
Part Number X2-200-1S

AC Shore Power

  • Monitors for the presence of AC Shore Power.
  • Detects loss of AC Shore Power.
  • Communicates event information on board and to designated remote recipients. *Requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service™, XPulse™, or XPulse Plus™.

Bilge System Management

  • Monitors and graphically displays the status of all Nevata controllers from the Bridge or Operating Station using wireless data communication.
  • Provides one-step configuration button for Nevata controller setup.
  • Manage all Nevata controllers, up to 10 units with a maximum of 20 pumps using wireless communication. Can remotely activate the manual override for each attached pump, and see confirmation that the pump is running.
  • Displays precise water level measurements for each bilge compartment equipped with a Nevata bilge pump controller.
  • Displays temperature for each bilge compartment.
  • Displays water alert level for each bilge compartment.
  • Displays pump activation level for each bilge compartment.
  • Displays bilge pump counter and current operating state for each pump attached to a Nevata controller.
  • Displays pump frequency usage statistic.
  • Displays and notifies through visual indicators of a detected early trouble event resulting from continuous Multi-Fault Assessments; Sounds audio alarm when required.
  • Communicates event information to designated remote recipients. *Requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service

Boat Security

  • Provides 3-Layers of Security Defense : a) Layer 1, Outdoor Perimeter, b) Layer 2, Indoor Perimeter, and c) Layer 3, Geofence Virtual Ring.
  • 3 security operation modes: (1) Disarmed, (2) Onboard, and (3) Away.
  • Integrated siren includes silent, stealth mode operation, chirp, and continuous modes.
  • Communicates event information on board and to designated remote recipients. *Requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service™, XPulse™, or XPulse Plus™.

DC Active Battery Voltage Monitoring and Trending

  • Monitors and graphically displays the current DC battery voltage level.
  • Detects and displays low voltage trending conditions.
  • Provides trending graph over a period of time.
  • Communicates low condition event on board and to designated remote recipients. *Requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service

DC Multi-Battery Bank Voltage Monitoring and Trending

  • Monitors and graphically displays the current DC battery voltage level for each battery bank.
  • Detects and displays low voltage trending conditions for each battery bank.
  • Provides trending graph over a period of time.
  • Communicates low condition event on board and to designated remote recipients. *Requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service™ and XPulse or XPulse Plus

Geofence and Anchor Alarm

  • Displays graphical activation of Geofence virtual ring around the vessel and the current position of the vessel in relation to the Geofence boundary. Uses advanced real-time analysis of signal positional uncertainty for precise measurement and reducing false-positives.
  • Monitors and detects anchor slippage and notifies on-board with audio and visual indicators and provides graphical visibility of vessel location in relation to the Geofence boundary.
  • Monitors and detects unexpected movement from mooring or dock and notifies on-board with audio and visual indicators and provides graphical visibility of vessel location in relation to the Geofence boundary.
  • Communicates data notification alerts containing the precise location information to remote recipients. * Requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service

Man Overboard (MOB) SOS

  • When the attached personal MOB transmitter button is pressed, Nautic Alert Insight X2 receives the personal MOB distress signal and will automatically notify GEOS for assistance to the provided location.

My Insights Web Portal

  • On Demand web requests for information. *Requires Reporting Services

Smartphone Text Requests

  • Text message Nautic Alert Insight™ with your smartphone and ask for information. *Requires Reporting Services

Text Message from Insight X2

  • Initiate 2-Way text messaging from Nautic Alert Insight X2 off the coast or in the middle of the ocean, to your spouse, family, or friends.

Vessel Locator

  • Monitors and displays the current Longitude and Latitude coordinates for current vessel location.
  • Monitors for remote location requests and provides current vessel location information and/or map link when an authorized person or system makes a remote request. *Requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service

Vessel Tracking

  • Automatically records waypoints when the vessel starts to move.
  • Automatically halts recording of waypoints once the vessel stops.
  • Timestamps the distance of the traveled course.
  • Maintains past and current routes.
  • Route information is viewed on My Insights Web Portal.
  • Family can track your route from My Insights Web Portal for peace of mind.

Worldwide Emergency SOS

  • With the click of a button, Nautic Alert Insight X2 ™ sends an Emergency SOS distress message to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) to get you immediate help.
  • *Requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service with GEOS.


  • Water-resistant enclosure.
  • Touch Screen for easy graphical interaction.
  • Built-in audio siren.
  • Built-in visual indicators.
  • Mute Button for audio alarm.
  • Nautic Alert Reporting Service 4G LTE Cellular interface.
  • WAAS GPS. Used on-board commercial aircrafts.
  • GPS Internal Antenna.
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU) to process instructions and data on-board the vessel.
  • Wireless transmitter and receiver for on-board Nautic Alert secured data exchange and communication network.
  • Complies with 46 CFR 182.530 Bilge High Level Alarms.
  • Remote external siren or LED drive capability.
  • Flush mount or mounting bracket capable. *Requires mounting bracket for wall or surface mount.
Network N/A
Brand Nautic Alert

Airtime Rates


  • Tracking Service enables the vessel’s location to auto update My Insights web portal when the vessel starts to move; and thereafter, every 30 or 60 minutes until it stops.
  • On Demand Alerts applies to user-requested text message portal requests.

  • 12 Month Contract Term

Coverage Area
Worldwide, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Polar